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Download Job Safety Analysis

Download Job Safety Analysis

JSA for Chemical Cleaning
JSA for Coating & Raping activity inside & outside of the tank
JSA for scaffolding erection maintenance inspection
JSA for Cone Erection
JSA for fortie on fire water line
JSA for installing of Spool2
JSA for installing of on Steel Structure
JSA for Tile Fixing 
JSA for Tie-in in Underground services
JSA for Tie-in  Chiller  piping
JSA for Tie-in  Utility water with fire water line
JSA for Tie-in  Fuel Gas Line
JSA for scaffolding erection and dismantling in Process area
JSA for Load Test of Davit Arms
JSA for rebar works includes working in scaffolding
JSA for cable ladder
JSA for removal of MS Sheet for E&P shed
JSA for manual excavation and cable laying in Greenfield area
JSA for Magnetic Penetration Test
JSA for Dye Penetration Test
JSA for Radiography Test
JSA for welding joints at out side within in Process area
JSA for Cold Box Washing ( External) with Demin water
JSA for Pigging for Condensate Pipe line
JSA for NDT  for Condensate Pipe line
JSA for MPI Magnetic Particle inspection
JSA for Hydro testing
JSA for grouting and air blowing in Vessels & skid assembles in Process area
JSA for Dye penetrant Test (DPT)
JSA for blowing of air in underground pipes
JSA for Construction of Tank ( Civil Work )
JSA for Levelling Dressing of Access way ISOM Tank Area
JSA for Civil works for Construction at lay Down area
JSA for Civil Work Brick Masonry
JSA for road block for Concrete Pouring
JSA for Concrete lifting Foundation
JSA for  Excavation work for electrical cable
JSA  for Pipe Rack foundations
JSA  for Compressor shelter
JSA for Mechanical & Manual Excavation at Confined Space
JSA for Installation of corrugated & Hard Barrication   
JSA for Civil  & Excavation works for the foundators
JSA for Manual Excavation works for the Pipe racks
JSA for Civil works in Construction in DHDS Tank area
JSA for Civil works in the Construction working in confined space
JSA for Use of Compactor for Civil foundation work
JSA for Construction of Septic tank  in lay down are in confined space
JSA for Manual Excavation for the construction of foundation/ fire water lines
JSA for Concrete work with Concrete Pump 
JSA for Manual Excavation  for Interconnected pipe racks special Site
JSA for Air Stair removal with crane
JSA for Loading, unloading of material with crane
JSA for Grinding, Welding & Cutting
JSA  for Survey with Total station
JSA for Manual Boring
JSA for  Bituminous Coating of concrete foundations / Column on site
JSA for Pilling & Concreting works for the Construction of Foundation
JSA for Construction of foundation
JSA for Civil work in Confined space
JSA for pile Load Test
JSA for Working in Night Shift.
JSA for Lifting & Rigging Activity by Crane
JSA for Welding
JSA for  Loading & Un loading Activities
JSA for  Rebar Bending 
JSA for Pile Load test by Kentlege Activities
JSA for Jump Formed/ Jump Formed at Cement Silo
JSA for Concrete work of Clinker Storage Silo
JSA for Construction Cement Silo Civil Activities

JSA for Activities with cherry picker
JSA for Block Load for Pile Test
JSA for filed joint coating (epoxy) for Condensate Pipeline
JSA for the insulation of stripper column 
JSA for for insulation of vessel
JSA for insulation inside stripper
JSA for installation of cladding
JSA for Field joint coating
JSA for Hot Insulation Using Cherry Picker
JSA for Cold Insulation
JSA for  wrapping in Night
JSA for Welding, Cutting & grinding
JSA for welding of HVAC  Pipes
JSA for the fixing embedded Plate
JSA for operation of jack hammering on generator footing
JSA for J mobilization of crane, welding cutting and grinding and Air Blowing of spools in process area
JSA for mobilization of crane , erection of spools and welding cutting and grinding and tie in on existing spools
JSA for installation of Sub Pipe Rack
JSA for installation of Sub Pipe Rack inducluding grinding cutting and welding near evaporation pondsjsa for erection of Pipes welding cutting grinding-Imtiaz sb
JSA for installation of Sub Pipe Rack including grinding cutting and welding near condensate drums
JSA for installation of structure at process area
JSA for installation of Pipe railing on skid Platform 
JSA for installation of bracket
JSA for HDPE liner fusion welding
JSA for erection of Pipes welding cutting grinding
JSA for dismantalling of pvc pipe(5cm) by acetylene gas cutting
JSA for cutting ,grinding and welding job at Check post 1 barrier.
JSA for Installation of pumps
JSA for Gas Cutting
JSA for A  Punch List Killing of Switch Room
JSA for cutting grinding on monkey ladder
JSA for lifting
JSA for lifting of rebars
JSA for HDPE liner fusion welding 2
JSA for HDPE liner fusion welding includes night works (1)
JSA for relocation of Monkey Ladder for Construction of phase-I Transformer Bay
JSA for installation of out door units
JSA for Diesel Filling 
JSA for ammonia refilling
JSA  mechanical excavation
JSA installation of chiller
JSA for Oily Water Pits Cleaning
JSA for Catalyst Filling & Segregation
JSA for String Prep, Lower and Back-fill In Rev 2
JSA Entry for recycle water tank
JSA for Cathodic Protection for Oily water line
JSA for Instillation of Pre cast slab 

JSA for Warping of Pipe at Night
JSA for Steel fixing & Manual concrete Pouring
JSA for installation of I beam
JSA for  scree-ding with mesh 
JSA for removing of road barrier
JSA for Material Shifting
JSA for manual excavation inside the operation area (access road)
JSA for manual excavation and cable laying
JSA for manual excavation and cable laying at process area
JSA for manual back-filing using hand roller compactor
JSA for lifting of stripper
JSA for Kerb Stone in Process Area
JSA For installation of precast slab
JSA for Holiday testing
JSA for Ground levelling
JSA for Flare pit area including night works
JSA for demolition work at exiting office
JSA for construction of  transformer bay
JSA for cement plaster at office Extension
JSA for Battar Protection 
JSA for applying bituminous roof treatment on buildings
JSA for road works
JSA for concrete pouring using crane and bucket
JSA for fence removal
JSA for removal of broken bolts and Installation of switch pannel on compressor at process araea
JSA for operation of Jack Hammer, Dimantalling batching Plant foundation near waste water treatment
JSA for Drilling
JSA for alignment of vessel and drum.
JSA for hydraulic torqing
JSA  for Drilling in support
JSA for Manual Bolt Tightening
JSA for Installation  of face plate 
JSA for Manual Erection & Bolt Tightening
JSA for Cold Box Installation of Pipe Supports
JSA for Cold Box New Line Installation
JSA for Installation of GI Sheet
JSA for Personnel Protection.with drill machine
JSA for Rebar Sizing Manual & Mechanical
JSA for  Hot jobs (Welding cutting & grinding)
JSA for tank modification and repair work

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