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Many Hazards are associated with welding and cutting such as fire & explosion, but as in other activities, they can as well be controlled by appropriate preventative measures.

Unless these measures are taken, a hazardous situation can easily lead to personnel injury or material damage.

Hot works

Any work activities that will produce or may have a chance of producing sparks e.g welding, cutting, grinding, blastic e.t.c.


Welding is Union of pieces of metal by fusing the opposing surface which has been made molten by heat or occasionally by pressure.

Welding & Cutting Hazards

The Brillant light of an arc ( Exposure to it can result in eye injury).

The Heat of an arc, molten slag, sparks hot objects etc ( causing burns fire/explosion)

Toxic Fumes and Respiratory Protection

➜To ensure the protection of the person carrying out welding or cutting operation from inhalation of toxic fumes or vapors adequate exhaust ventilation must be provided.

Mechanical Air Purifier can be used to limit and purify the smoke generated during welding.

➜In a location where adequate exhaust ventilation is not possible, welding and cutting can be carried out safely by personnel wearing suitable respiration protection.

Dust or fume masks do not Provide adequate protection.

➜NB: Welding or cutting in enclosed spaces can deplete the oxygen content in Air. 

Preparation of Work

Inspection of Work:

➜All Welding machines, leads, handpieces must be inspected before use. 

➜All Welding machines (240) power outlets must be protected by a core balance earth leakage protection circuit breaker.

➜All Welding associated equipment must be inspected accordingly 

Installation and removal of purge dams 

➜Make a procedure for the installation removal of a dams

➜Obtain a Confined space permit be entering into confined space for the installation or removal of dams.


➜Housekeeping must be maintained to a high standard in all areas but especially where welding and cutting taking place.

➜All Welding studs used grinding discs etc must be contained in a receptacle located at the workplace.

➜The receptacle must be emptied daily at dumbs site.

Routing of cables:

➜All welding and electrical lead must be suspended (2m) by approved means ( Not tied with wire).

➜All cables that can not be suspended must be protected and kept out of water.

Fire Prevention:

➜ Areas must be cleared off all flammable and combustible materials

➜Use of fire retardant blank for elevated areas to capture sparks or hot metals.

➜Provide al least one fully charged 9kg Fire Extinguisher.

➜Trained the employees involved in the operation of the fire extinguisher.


Inspection of Equipment:

➜All Gas equipment must be inspected before use on site.

➜All Gas cylinders used on the project (oxygen, acetylene or propane, etc ) must have an approved flashback arrester fitted to the gauge of the cylinders.

Inspection of Equipment:

➜Gas Troches shall be ignited by the use of a flint gun ( Cigarettes lighters, matches or hot must not be used as an ignition source )

Plasma Cutting:

➜All equipment associated with the plasma cutting must be subjected to the same safety consideration as those of welding equipment.

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